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HITEC HLS12-30100 6V Linear Servo 30mm Stroke / 100-1 Gear Ratio

HITEC HLS12-30100 6V Linear Servo 30mm Stroke / 100-1 Gear Ratio

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Linear, 100:1 Gear Ratio, 30mm Stroke, 5mm Lead Actuator (6V)

With 30mm of travel and a 100:1 gear ratio, the HLS12-30100 is ideal for short stroke applications requiring a faster transit speed with more power. 

Controlled using a traditional PWM servo signal, Hitec linear actuators provide optimized motion control for precise and powerful positioning. Whether your application demands a low-profile form factor, or extended linear throws, we have an actuator to suit your needs. Our linear actuators are popular for a myriad of uses including robotics and animatronics, as well as industrial mechanical applications. Programmable stroke and speed settings, power-off position stability, and a variety of mounting options, provide additional functionality and flexibility. Additionally, Hitec linear actuators provide full excursion using a 1050 - 1950µs input range. This feature allows fully compatible use with all radios, by eliminating the requirement for programming
extended rates to achieve full motion.

The HLS12-3050 offers more speed, while additional force is available with the high gear ratios of our HLS12-30210 and HLS12-30380 versions.

Applications requiring additional excursion will be better matched to our HLS12-50XX and HLS12-100XX series linear actuators.

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