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Blackstar Avionics

Blackstar Katana Flight Controller

Blackstar Katana Flight Controller

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 Product support page with firmware and configuration app is available here

Katana: Fly Scale, Fly Safe, Have Fun 

RC Flight Controller


Katana - the most versatile RC flight controller on the market that will revolutionize your flying experience in both FPV and line of sight applications.

Fly Scale

Intelligent Gyro

Katana’s adaptive flight stabilization system automatically adjusts gyro sensitivity based on speed to give your model that scale, locked-in feel throughout the whole flight envelope. No more ground looping for the small warbirds and mushy landing approaches for the jets - Katana works behind the scenes to keep everything smooth.


Katana’s autopilot feature provides you with peace of mind in case of radio control or video loss.  The autopilot keeps your model in the air using the flight plans that you design specifically for your field. 

FPV pilots can turn the autopilot on manually when experiencing issues with the video signal, take off the goggles and land line of sight. Similarly, LOS flyers can now recover from losing visual contact with the model and have it come back to the field to let the pilot regain control. If Katana detects interruptions in the radio control input it can engage the autopilot automatically and save the aircraft from temporary radio or static interference events. 

If the airplane's battery is low while in autopilot, Katana can initiate an emergency landing using a preset flight plan to minimize ground damage and ensure safety.

On Screen Display

Katana makes the flight information available on the OSD improving situational awareness for the FPV pilots so they can fly with precision and confidence.

OSD features:
  • Airspeed and altitude
  • Flight mode
  • Horizontal situation indicator with present course and waypoint information
  • Throttle percentage
  • Computed or actual battery usage percentage with sensor

Racing Mode

Compete with your friends or run solo “time attacks” using Katana’s racing mode. Customize the race course using virtual pylons, laps and start sequencing.

 Air Combat

Take your FPV experience to the next level with Katana's Combat Mode. When equipped with a lidar sensor, you can engage in realistic dogfights with your friends, complete with hit counts right on your screen. Get ready to experience thrilling aerial battles like never before and learn the timeless skills of aerial dogfight.


FrSKY GPS sensor is necessary for Speed indicator, Racing and Auto pilot functions to work.


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